2018 Washington College Mathematics Conference

Invited Speakers

Friday evening

James Tanton Our Friday-evening keynote speaker, Dr. James Tanton, is an ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America currently serving as their mathematician-at-large. He has taught mathematics at both university and high-school institutions, works with students of all ages and backgrounds to experience the wonder of mathematics, has authored many books about math puzzles and problem-solving, and co-founded the Global Mathematics Project. See his sites at jamestanton.com and gdaymath.com for more information, and check out theglobalmathproject.org to see how more than 1,000,000 students from over 100 countries explored Tanton’s world-famous “Exploding Dots” during Global Math Week in October 2017.

Thursday evening

Luke Rawlings Our opening-night speaker, Dr. Luke Rawlings, was born and raised in Memphis, where he earned a B.S. in Mathematics at Christian Brothers University. After years of training as a competitive gymnast, he moved to New York City to become a performer on Broadway. Following a successful theater career, Luke earned a masters in pure mathematics at the City College of New York and then an Ed.D. in Mathematics Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Throughout all of these experiences, he has designed tessellations inspired by the art of M.C. Escher. Luke has taught at Bellevue College since 2016.

WAMATYC Invited Speaker

Olga Shatunova Olga Shatunova, a lecturer in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma campus, has focused her studies on discrete mathematics with an emphasis on diagram completeness of deterministic finite automata. In her teaching, she incorporates her own diverse cultural background and life experience. She was born and educated in Russia and has taught mathematics in Moscow at the University for Engineers of Metallurgy and Aviation Institute and in Washington at several community colleges. She has worked, taught and developed curriculum in Russia, France, Germany and the United States.